Season 2: Episode 7: twothirtyeight- Regulate The Chemicals

Greetings and welcome to Season 2 episode 7of Daydream Nation: a Music conversation Podcast!

On this episode we discuss twothirtyeight’s Regulate The Chemicals!

Be sure to come back in 2 weeks for episode 8, where we will be discussing Madonna’s Like A Virgin!

Until then, be excellent to each other!

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One thought on “Season 2: Episode 7: twothirtyeight- Regulate The Chemicals”

  1. This is easily my favorite album of all time. Thanks for going back and covering a great classic album like this! I got to see them at a couple shows before they broke up. (Purple Door festival, Chameleon club) I really enjoy the song “this town will eat you” at the end where he belts “ONE DAY WHEN THINGS ARE SLOW AGAIN, WE’ll BURN THE CITY DOWN!” hits me right in the gut! The music and mood of this record are perfect and I really enjoy the way the songs were laid out from start to end.

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